Saturday, February 22, 2014

Once upon a time...

Who knew where it would lead. It was just a first date. I wasn't thinking, he didn't care, in the moment it didn't matter.
The past was irrelevant, the future, was too unpredictable. All that it came down to, was that first moment. He was there, I was with him. Hours passed like minutes, minutes like seconds. We couldn't hear the clock ticking, or see the sun setting. Sometimes, I can't remember it, like a beautiful dream, fuzzy around the edges. Sometimes I remember everything, down to the last detail. I can hear the wind, feel the nerves, see those brown eyes...It was, magical.
But in this story, this "fairytale" has no ending and that's what makes it work. There is no riding off, happily ever after... there is no heartbreak. There is just the two of us. Rekindling that first moment, everyday. Each time, better. Each time, stronger with each new thing we learn about each other.
Perfect? It may not exist, the firsts may have come at us, first fight, first tears, first insults. Yes, perfect does not exist... what exists is the nagging thought at the back of your mind- It's worth it.
It's when two opposites in temperament, meet two similar personalities. He's angry, you're calm. You're  sad, he's funny and vice versa. When one falls down, the other picks them up. Opposite temperaments.
But together you enjoy laughter, sports, and silly dog videos. You found a guy who cuddles kittens, he found a girl who watches Rambo. You found a guy who writes you songs, he found a girl who knows her football.
Perfect, it doesn't exist. In a perfect world, a girl wouldn't beat you devastatingly at FIFA, in a perfect world a boy wouldn't look at you like you were a walking circus and find it cute. In a perfect world, dates wouldn't be at the gym and "Shut up, asshole" wouldn't be said lovingly.
Perfect? Who needs perfect.
I've met my match, and so has he.

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