Thursday, August 28, 2014

A heartfelt open letter to Luis Suarez

This is not revenant anymore, maybe it’s not a trending topic, maybe you don’t even care. It’s taken me this long to pen this down, because it’s taken me a while to get my thoughts down straight. This has been work in progress for the last month. Trust me, this letter could have taken as much time as it did for Liverpool to get back in the Champions League, but, for me, I need to get my closure right now.
I’ve been a Liverpool fan for 15 years or so, for some that may not be long, but for me, its more than half my life. I watched Liverpool from the days of Robbie Fowler,and even today,I’m dealing with all the ups and down that this beautiful club brings to us. Though I  may not be at Anfield watching every game, I feel more connected to it than anything else. 
What I want to say first, is how disappointed I am. I am upset, maybe a little furious at how things have turned out. I am frustrated, hurt and subdued because of what has happened in the last two years.  Now that you are no longer a player, I hope you get what you truly deserve. For all that you put us through, I hope you get double in return. 
I am disappointed at what the English Media has put you through, I am upset with what the people have said. Mostly I am furious at how Liverpool supporters themselves had turned their backs on you before you even left. We sang ’Though your dreams be tossed and blown Walk on, walk on,With hope in your heart And you’ll never walk alone” but I guess for a lot of people that meant nothing. For those who turned their back on you as soon as you bit someone, maybe they didn’t sing with as much conviction.Yes, I am subdued because you decided it was time to go, because I loved you. Yes, love, a pretty big word for me. I’m not one to use it lightly, and I have done so easily with you.,
You’re gone to another club, a club that is known for producing great players, I definitely don’t consider them to be a bigger club than Liverpool, but I hope they will treat you well.
You gave us more than we asked of you. You gave us hope, excitement, and most of all the come back we needed. You gave us goals, and so much joy, words cannot explain. For that, I hope you get what you deserve, in terms of a lifetime of happiness.
You put us through the one of the best years of our lives, bringing us so close to the title. You woke us up to the passion and dedication football should be bringing to our lives. Passion that was on the verge of dying in this money hungry game. 
Now, let me talk about controversies. You’ve had your fair share, haven't you? Biting people, three times? There’s nothing I can say to defend what you did, and we shouldn’t be doing that. It was wrong, and I know you know it. Whether the reason was psychological or just childish, it doesn’t matter right now. What has been done, has been done. Yes, people were not right to call for your head, act like you committed a sin against nature. I’m sure murderers have been given more benefit of the doubt, but what you did was still wrong. You don’t just bite people. You headbutt them, you kick them in the fact, you hit them, you punch them, it’s all okay. Just please don’t bite people. It’s not socially acceptable, and socially acceptable, in today’s world is more important than just doing what your gut says. You know that, and if you didn’t, i’m sure everyone in the WORLD reminded you of that. 
I’ve heard the Evra story, we all have, but the truth  is, i’ve not seen proof. I’ll admit as a Liverpool supporter, I’m never going to believe a United player over a Red, so I’m not going to get into that. I don't think you would have built such a wonderful partnership with Sturridge if you were such a racist man. If people think you’re racist, they’re allowed an opinion. If you really were, I hope that’s changed. I hope you realize that you just cannot do such things when the world is watching.
I’ve heard of your struggle, your story and it was beautiful. From where you were to where you’ve come, I’m proud of you. You are truly what the sport is about, hard work, determination, passion, controversy. I hope the world see’s many more of such players in the future.
You may not be remembered for your unbelievable goals, undying dedication, or exciting football. Every time someone brings up your name, you will always be remembered as that person who bit people. To them I say, hate the player all you want, but love his game. Know this, there will be thousands of fans who remember you as the person who bought Liverpool back on track, the person, who made it rain goals, the person who cried when our title hopes were over, cried like a little kid. The one quote that I will associate with you forever is ‘No genius ever comes without a touch of madness’ 
It’s time to end this letter, and with a heavy heart, it’s time to say goodbye. Yes, like people do with ex’s I might stalk your Facebook profile, or look at you in that Barcelona jersey with the bitter thought of what could have been. I am very possessive by nature and may always feel that you are still ours, but the truth is, you have left.
And I don’t blame you.

 I ended my rant when Torres left with ‘Goodbye and good riddance’, but to you my parting words are the exact opposite. 

Thank you for everything, thank you for showing us the best season in many years. Good bye, good luck and hope we see in you red once again.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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