Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Miracle

There was a fire burning in the house that night. At first a small one, that started in the attic. With everyone distracted by a popular reality show, the fire began to spread... one by one destroying the life that dwelled within each object around the house. 
The scrawny dog, who was  tied in the attic caught a whiff of it, but before he could panic, a plank over him burst into flames, and as it fell, the ghostly smoke engulfed him, cutting off his oxygen supply as he burned to his death.
From the attic, the flames moved towards the next room, where a baby lay asleep. The calm sounds of breathing was taken over by the cracking of the flames...which began to surround her slowly, creeping closer by the minute, when the family finally noticed the stench of upcoming disaster... They ran towards the direction of the smoke and saw the baby who was just about to start crying. The smoke was getting thicker and the flames were moving faster, but nobody took a step forward. Nobody attempted to save the child that was about to be reduced to ashes. Nobody yelled or shouted for attention.
Frozen, they stood there... letting the flames and smoke muffle the babies tears. As the flames drew closer to them they ran out of the house, and dialled 911. There was a baby, but they forgot to mention it...
Soon the fire brigade, with tons of water, ready to save what was left a families home.
The breeze scattered scarred memories, burned clothes and the leftover ashes of a smiling photograph.
With all the noise and frantic behaviour... No one heard about the little baby girl in the house...
“My clothes,”
“My Money”
“My computer”
“My dog”...Were the shouts heard full of greed and selfishness...
Till one brave fireman walked into a room, full of burned down diapers and flaming bibs... He heard a crying noise amidst the flames and searched for the figure behind it.
And amidst a crib ablaze and smouldering, he found the little baby girl, scarred by her past but untouched by the flames. He said a quick prayer to God and wrapped her in a blanket... as he ran past the flames he hoped she would survive through it all.
Not stopping by the family that neglected her, the fireman furiously took her to an awaiting ambulance, where they checked the baby for burns and scars.... Scars that they found but burns were missing... Scars that were days old, which told a story more frightening than the fire.
Angered and enraged the fireman took the girl with him that day, refusing to let her family near her.
“Have your money and inanimate things, but you won’t touch her again,” he said
He fought her battles and saved her from hell... he made sure she was never hurt again he watched her grow each day... He watched her in a way her family never did and tried to make up for all the neglect she once faced/
And when he finally won the war... he took her home for the first time, as her father and not caretaker and prayed in thanks. He was thankful for that warm summer afternoon, where a man who was told he could never conceived, met his daughter, a child who should never have survived...

He was thankful for the day; two people found their miracle...a miracle in each other.