Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mummy's Home

Little Girl, Don’t You Cry.
 Mummy’s Coming Home Tonight.
 He won’t hit you, he won’t try
 He won’t be hurting you all night

Daddy’s going for ever now
 Mummy won’t ever let you down
 She’ll be back tonight from town
 And daddy’s never going to make you frown.

Close your eyes, Mummys home
She won’t ever leave you alone
Daddy now won’t break a bone
He won’t hit you on and on

Mummy’s at the door, its blocked
He goes on till 3’o Clock
She sees him hit her with a rock
Now she can’t make the bleeding stop.

She was supposed to be there
Not let him hurt a single hair
She just watched him with a glare
But never stopped him, she didn’t dare.


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