Monday, January 31, 2011

Fernando Torres


Many false promises, bad injuries and poor performances, we stood by you through it all, we listened, we believed and trusted you.

You were a red, which is why we covered up for you and claimed that you were the best, the truth is we made you who you are. You given an opportunity to be a red but you decided it wasn't for you.

Alright El Nino, You may leave. Your future is bright, and you are now a Blue.

It's alright because Liverpool aren't a one man team and we shall prove it to the world. If I have been taught anything, It is to have faith, for without faith , we are nothing.
We don't need one person to make a team, we need unity. With or without Torres, we have the unity, the support and the determination.
Who is Torres? Just another player in a sea of young men.

But Liverpool, Liverpool is a club so rare, that it cannot be made out of money or out of glory and big names... It is a club made with passion, with hope and with consistant suppport. We stick by our team no matter what.

Today, you did the opposite Torres, you were never a red, just a normal man thrown into the wrong clothes. You were given a chance to honour one of the greatest clubs in history, but you turned your back on them.

It isn't always about winning trophies. The chanting, the singing, the echo's of the fans , love like never before. Didn't you look around at Anfield, Torres? Couldnt you hear your name out loud? Couldn't you see tears in peoples eyes?
Or well you blinded by fame, glory, money?

If only you listened ,if only you saw outside your bubble of pride. Maybe then you would know what an honour it truly was.

You've missed your chance.

Good Riddance and GoodBye.


  1. You actually stole all my feelings and emotions.
    I will surely miss him, but liverpool is a club only for those who have passion and commitment. Guess torres was not one of them.
    His armband never proved he was a red. :(
    Ynwa and good luck El-nino. Thats exactly what you are -a kid.
    Think about money, fame and medals. Thats it.
    He had all possibilities to write his name down in the history books but he blew it away and in the process hurt millions of liverpool fans.
    We always stood buy him, no matter what.
    And if liverpool are sitting in 7th today , its just because of you Torres.
    Thanks for all your contribution.


  2. Ha ha, I feel bad about only one thing that we had to buy Andy Carroll because of you but bye bye, blue boy...


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