Monday, February 24, 2014

Mischief Managed: Why did you get a Harry Potter tattoo?

This one is for all of you questioning my tattoo. Why, in the world would I get a Harry Potter tattoo? A tattoo after a book/movie of a 'magical' world. Something fantasy, something that doesn't exist.
Any Potterhead would tell you 'Its Real For Us' but let me explain it to you. Firstly, I will never, as long as I live, regret this tattoo. If at 24, I'm still in love, I will be hooked forever.

Imagine a 5 year old, with nothing to do except watch television, staying alone in an apartment when her parents were at work all day, someone creative but with no idea how to use that creativity. Imagine her growing up, hanging out with friends, going for movies, still no ambition. Imagine her in college, trying to figure out if her major is really what she wants to do. Imagine her searching for a job, still no idea where she's going, with so much creativity she doesn't know how to use it.  That girl could have been me... but it wasn't. At 9, I was given a book I hardly knew would change my life. That book didn't look too appealing, and it was quite big compared to my usual reads, but once I got started I couldn't stop. I was drawn into a magical world, sucked in, and I began to forget that it was just a book. As I moved on to reading the next few books, I was completely lost in this world. I fell in love.
Then followed the waiting game, waiting for the 4th,5th and following books to be out, but I couldn't get over this addiction I had, so I began to read the books again. And again, and again. Each time, I began to notice new facts, observe new plays on words, understand more about the writer. Once again, I was in love, but this time not just with the Wizarding World, but with the writer, J. K. Rowling.
Now, lets pause for a moment and let me tell you about life going on around me at that point. I was NOT a happy child. There were ups and downs, family fights and the separations, a lot of drama that would cause the happiest of children depression, but those tears? They didn't come, because my life was not the trauma that went on around me, but the world of Harry Potter. It could possibly be the only thing that has ever kept me sane.
Now, as the next few books of the series released, I began to notice the writing, the English, the way this amazing author built an entire world with nothing but her words. Remember, when I said I was a child with too much creativity but no idea how to use it? Well, I began to use it to write. J.K Rowling taught me how to create beautiful stories... but that isn't where it ends. With the movies not being out yet, I began to imagine characters, like my favourites, Fred and George, but imagining wasn't enough, so I bought out the pencils and began to draw, character after character. As I grew older, that creativity increased to more serious writing and serious works of art.

Today, I am who I am because of these books, I'm a writer, am I'm artist and most of all I'm sane. I don't believe in getting random butterflies, random dolphins or cupid either, but this means a lot to me, it's close to my heart, which is why I got it tattooed so close to my heart as well ;)
So next time before you judge me, maybe try to get to know me a little more. And to all those Harry Potter obsessed who've had to deal with similar issues, 'Don't let the Muggles get you down'.

Books are proof that humans can create magic.



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