Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This was something I wrote when I was 14... Thought I'd repost it since I found it again. Its been a while since I've stopped writing poetry, probably because I when I lost everything, when I gave it up... I let go of this too. The reason Im picking it up again was because I found a letter from a teacher that said , whatever you do, never give up your poetry.

I'll never meet that teacher again, but I'll follow that piece of advice. I'll do it for her

They heard our cries
Our yells and pleas
They stood there watching
We’re mute
They’re deaf

They watched us suffer
Endure days of pain
They stood there watching
We’re unseen
They’re blind

When we’ve seen the end
Ands its come and gone
They walk to us
Try to hold our hands

When children were dying
And innocent were killed
Who cared, back then?
Did you…?

When houses were destroyed
And lives were taken
Who cared back then?
Did you?

Its fake, I say
Its all a show
Lets scream , lets yell
Its all an act

Wipe away that sympathetic smile
That hypocritical tear
Who cared back then?
Did you?


  1. Your teacher was right, and so are you, but don't give it up.

  2. This is very nice, you never cease to amaze me.

  3. glad u found tht letter

  4. Wow. Love the blog and this peace of poetry. Glad you followed your teacher's advice. :)


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