Monday, January 31, 2011

Fernando Torres


Many false promises, bad injuries and poor performances, we stood by you through it all, we listened, we believed and trusted you.

You were a red, which is why we covered up for you and claimed that you were the best, the truth is we made you who you are. You given an opportunity to be a red but you decided it wasn't for you.

Alright El Nino, You may leave. Your future is bright, and you are now a Blue.

It's alright because Liverpool aren't a one man team and we shall prove it to the world. If I have been taught anything, It is to have faith, for without faith , we are nothing.
We don't need one person to make a team, we need unity. With or without Torres, we have the unity, the support and the determination.
Who is Torres? Just another player in a sea of young men.

But Liverpool, Liverpool is a club so rare, that it cannot be made out of money or out of glory and big names... It is a club made with passion, with hope and with consistant suppport. We stick by our team no matter what.

Today, you did the opposite Torres, you were never a red, just a normal man thrown into the wrong clothes. You were given a chance to honour one of the greatest clubs in history, but you turned your back on them.

It isn't always about winning trophies. The chanting, the singing, the echo's of the fans , love like never before. Didn't you look around at Anfield, Torres? Couldnt you hear your name out loud? Couldn't you see tears in peoples eyes?
Or well you blinded by fame, glory, money?

If only you listened ,if only you saw outside your bubble of pride. Maybe then you would know what an honour it truly was.

You've missed your chance.

Good Riddance and GoodBye.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Glimpse Of A BreakDown.

People don't really know how hard moving on is. Not in regards to a relationship, but life. When you are committed to someone, its only a few years of commitment, and maybe just maybe you'll get on with life.

What about starting life all over again, beginning your life afresh. I've been someone who has lived a luxurious life, from eating at classy restaurants, to chilling in the jacuzzi at the gym , everything was always perfect. Quaint little apartment, with a fluffy cat and clean bathtubs, shopping in air conditioned malls, that has been my life. It's different when your asked to shut your mouth, pack your bags and leave the country. Not once have I complained. I agreed, I'll do so. I'll study at a college that I hadn't heard of, given up my dream University. I agreed to leave those live football matches and all my friends behind to make people happy, I knew i'd be successful wherever I went because i'd put in my best.
I didn't complain.

I didn't complain about living in a country where I don't speak the language, or eating food that kept making me sick. I didn't complain about the weather I'm not used to.
I didnt even complain when the cat I've lived with my whole life died because of the new environment. I understood when I was told things need to change, I understood when I had to learn to move to a state where I knew no one, and adjust to a different level of studies. I understood when I was told I had to live in a hostel, where hot water doesn't exist and food tastes like mud. From cheesecakes and risottos', to curry and rice... and some sickly sweets for dessert.

Football is my life, I used to sit in anticipation hours before a match started, but I understood when I was asked to live in college accomadation where there is no television, no football and no internet.

Most of all, I understood when I was told I could never go back.

But who really understands me when I say I miss it all? No One.

It's true, when you pretend your strong, people just assume you are and give you even more to handle. I might just break down, I really might.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Life, One Chance. Take Control.

“Sometimes the best way to deliver a punch is to step back. But step back too
far and you ain’t fighting at all."

Life as we know it is a series of disappointments, tragedies and little sparks of hope. No one begins life with perfection and no one ends it that way either. We are all miracles of the universe, born into families we have no control over. The doors to life open and we are pushed through it, unknowing of what lays ahead of us.

A child born to abusive parents, criminals or the perfect family is no different in the beginning. We are all babies, dependant on our guardians to take care of us...we may be black, white or brown, we are still babies reaching out to that hand that's supposed to be there to hold us. Some maybe be lucky enough to be born into perfect families, some may have a troubled life and some may even be abused and killed way before they see daylight, that's life.

Growing up is a process of learning , experimenting and failing. Once away from the nurturing of a perfect or imperfect parent, it is purely up to each living being to decide where the course of life will take them. A person bought up by alcoholics could be the most successful, where as a person bought up by a king might be a beggar, it is solely up to us.

One can give excuses for poor upbringing leading to inconsiderate behaviour, or lack of love leading to desperation for attention but there is nothing that could justify those excuses.
Dave Pelzer is a popular novelist, winner of the Volunteer Of The Year award and has dedicated his life to helping other people. Although he might sound like someone bought up with ethics and taught respect in a normal family one might be shocked to hear of his upbringing.

Dave nearly died in the hands of his parents, his stories is one of the most shocking cases of child abuse reported, where he was forced to drink ammonia and to eat from his baby brothers' dirty diapers. His mother once nearly choked him to death. At school, he was unable to breathe well because of the swelling on his throat. So much more...
Can someone like him be blamed for turning bad?

Yes, because it is we who control our future, not our parents, not our teachers or our friends. Everyone has to take the reigns of their own destiny before someone else does...
Don't ask for sympathy because of a poor childhood, ask for admiration for becoming someone no one expected you to.
We have one life, live it as you should not as others presume you would.

“Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously. If you can control the process of choosing, you can take control of all aspects of your life. You can find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself.

~ Bennett