Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Legend Of A True Princess!

She was an angel, a beautiful dream, a magnificent hallucination.

Her eyes were flaming passion, her smile was divine, her tears were liquid diamond, her skin flawless porcelain.

In her life and in her death, she personified beauty. She was inspiring, charming and most of all she was brave.

Everyone wanted to be her, everyone longed to meet her. She was a younger Mother Theresa, with a large heart and lifes worth of compassion.

The camera loved her, the people loved her and God loved her too. As much as we wanted her by our side, HE did too and took her away too soon for many to accept. She was truly just too good for us...

Life isn't just about ones ownself. Princess Diana bought change in the world, she helped change peoples opinion on AIDS, she embraced leprosy patients and helped bringing eating disorders to public awareness. Along with a multitude of charity organisations that she supported Princess Diana was truly worthy of the title "Princess". She had her flaws and made mistakes, reminding us that even a member of the Royal is human. She broke down, had fun, got nervous, laughed, cried and everything a normal human being would do...

What was most honorable about her was that all her charity and support for the less fortunated were done without publicizing it, it wasn't done for attention but because she was truly compassionate and generous. She could not see people suffering and always wanted to make a difference

She was human, humane. She what a princess should be, what any leader should be.

Today,I still say "Princess" Diana, because even though she wasn't married to the Prince when she died, she will always be a Princess in our eyes.

It wasn't an accident, she didn't get killed, she was taken away because she was too beautiful, kind, loving and generous for us....

Perfection doesn't exist, but one woman who was imperfectly perfect passed away on 31 August 1997...

Monday, April 4, 2011


Last night I heard them fight,
In my bed while trying to sleep.
I heard a slap like t h u n d e r
And my brother began to weep

I saw two strangers in the hall
One mother and one father
I Turned to The Kitchen door
As he h i t her harder

He took my name I panicked
A Knife held in my hand
Through my neck I pushed it deep
And felt b l o o d as it ran

Lilly , they say again,
I'm scared and barely 12
Mum and Dad, I'm sorry
Tonight I k i l l e d myself.