Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Story To Be Continued....

The flaming beauty in her eyes, that gave one chills if he ever looked at her, hid a story of more than just a lover lost. It spoke more of a broken heart, or a worn down life. It spoke of the struggle she survived. It spoke of a heroic woman, whose strength knew no boundaries. She stood up for the world, for righteousness and ethics. She made sacrifices to be where she was, because she knew she deserved it. She was with a calloused heart but its rhythm was perfect, its ability to love was un-dead.

She caught the eye of every passerby, with those soulful eyes, and genuine smile. Everyone wanted to know her, to take care of her... but she’d been too hurt to let someone in again. She stood strong, yes, but she was unwilling to make the same mistakes again. A glimmer of exhaustion shown on her face was the tip of the ice-berg. Beyond the surface was a tired woman just longing for the joys of stability in life? She didn’t dare trust again, but she showed great love and affection for those close to her. Her daughter was the joy of her life and she would run to the ends of the world for her, because she knew it was her daughter who would carry the legacy of her father. She knew that Kayla was all that was left of him. In her was her love, her pride, her joy, her laughter, her fun. Only heavens knew what she’d do without her. Losing one person she loved was hard enough. Even at only 6, Kayla was exactly like her father, and sometimes she had to work hard not to reveal the tears of longing for the man who was her whole life. Her anguish and desperation at not having him next to her would not affect her love for her daughter. She knew if he was around, he would want the best for his daughter and she wanted to make sure that happened. Kayla would never know the pain her mother felt at looking at the hazel eyes, cheeky smile and mischievous look that so defined her father.
Every night, after tucking Kayla into bed, she cried for him, waiting on the stars for her wish, for her life to begin from where it started.
She wouldn’t change a thing, no she would do it all over again but to live those moments with her love once more, what she wouldn’t give? She waited and waited, with only her loneliness surrounding her, and silence being a deafening factor all through the night. She wanted to scream, she wanted to fight, demand for him back, but he was gone.

She had to stay strong, for Kayla... for people who looked up to her, because she was a hero now. She was what everyone longed to be...She stood up for the weak, she made a difference even though it cost her everything because she wanted the world to know that just two people could change the world. She fought through every battle, every trial thrown her way, she held her head up high and even in his death she did not stumble.

She watched them carry him away, body cold as ice... the mischievous look in his eyes quelled to serenity and she wanted to break down but she couldn’t. He didn’t die in vain, she would life for him. To show the world that she could survive on merely his memory.

The strength of a woman, of a wife and a mother cannot be competed with. There is nothing stronger that she is. A woman is... She will live through the hurricanes, tornado’s, cyclones of life yet come on stronger than she was before because more than anything... she is a woman.