Sunday, March 13, 2011

Autistic? So what!

I am Summer

I am only 5 and I am different. I do not like to talk but I listen if you want me to. I do not show it but I do care. My mummy says I'm special, she tells me that I see the world different but the man in a white coat used the word Austisic. Mummy tells me thats a special word for special, I'm so special that I have my own word. She tells me I'm beautiful. My daddy says i'm daddy's special little girl

I dont want to be special because I get angry and I yell and scream. Daddy gets upset.

I am 8 and they are making fun of me. They laugh at my bag and my toys because I am too old for it, but I love my toys. They push me down and hurt my hand. Mummy gives me candy and kisses my hurt. Daddy says I'm his brave baby, but no one stops them. They call me special, but why can't I be just another human like you?

I am 9 and they took red teddy away, I cry and cry but no one cares. I dont wan't a new teddy its not the same. I don't have any friends, but mummy says thats because I'm special and they are jealous. I don't have anything to say in class and they call me stupid. Am I really stupid? Mummy said I was autistic, but autistic is special... I dont want to be special. I want to be me.

I am 10 and alone. Daddy said he was tired and mummy was crying. Daddy closed to door and he is not coming back. Is it because of me? Is it because I am special? Daddy I am not, please come back. I'll be unspecial. Daddy said I was mental, Am I made out of metal? Im just a little girl, daddy. I'm not metal.

Please don't treat me special, I'm just a little girl.
When I grow up, I w0n't be special. I'll go to school and have friends laughing. I'll play on the swings and write in my book, When someone takes my things away I won't scream or cry, I'll just learn to smile. I'll learn to talk, I'll dance and sing and be unspecial.
My daddy will come back because he loves me, and my mummy will hug me and say I'm the best.

I don't want to be special, not daddy's special girl, not autistic freak, not special sweetheart. What's so special about being special? Nothing...
I just want to be a little girl.


  1. i told u it is awesome na??? well it is a lot more then just that... awesome is just a simple wrd

  2. a fan..i love it!! that was amazing and it made me forget i was just empathize in this situation could never completely make me understand its difficulty. However this was different..i hope many read this and the next time i see an autistic person i'll know better. And hope relatives of of autistic people get to read this too !!

  3. To be able to convey this in such a way is so awesome in itself. Any special kid, not just the autistic ones, deserve to be loved.
    You've written it very beautifully :)


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