Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Child No One Saw

We see but ignore each other, barriers separating us from the world. We move on, not seeing what the shaded faces are really showing.

I saw you that first day, dark skinned and meek, stains on your shirt that I premused was ketchup. Barely ten years old, your face was looking up at me, tired and when your hand held mine, I felt the callousness. A child with eyes wiser than the smartest of men, you remained silent through the day.

At first we thought you were shy, but those tears in your eyes when you heard of other peoples familys told a different story.
Forgive me, forgive me for not asking why.

If only I knew...

If only there was a way you could have told me, that those bruises were not from the playground, those tears were not just for attention and those stains all over your shirt were not from breakfast.

I didn't realise till it was too late. Please forgive me, I could have saved you. I could have done something.

I heard what they did to you before I saw the marks of suffering, but I did not believe anyone could hurt such a beautiful child. You deserved to live a wonderful life, enjoy your childhood and explore the joys of the world.

And now, you'll never have a first kiss, your 18th birthday, graduation, a child to love and care for. You'll never get to walk in the rain, or worry about assignments... You won't see daylight again... Your ten, and you loved her. You loved her till the day she slammed you into that wall, the day she kicked you in the ribs, the day she killed you. I know you still love her.

You were hurt, you were bleeding but you still cared about them, you still wanted to help her, but who helped you? Who cared about you?

We, ignorant, self-centred adults ... we ignored the belt marks, the wax scars, the burns, the unnaturally broken teeth and your poor hygiene. Was this the life you deserved?

She was your mother. She should have taught how to love a beautiful child...

They will be punished. Those tears your bled, the pain you felt...they will feel it too.

In all those months of knowing you, I didn't realise how hard your life must have been, to be hurt by those who ought to care for you.

Please forgive me. I wish I was there when she broke you, when you took your last breath. I wish I was there to stop her, to care for you. To give you a chance to live again.

You didn't deserve this. No one ever does.

God, are you watching?
... This is the world you left us in.


  1. reminds me of something.. hmm.. your really good with your perspective in writting.. :)


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