Thursday, March 20, 2014

if skrtel were a woman.

skrtel and suarez doing their gangnam style moves

the cutest proposal

Now isn't this just the cutest. Been together so long, still in love?

Alex and Steven have been together since 2002 and they became engaged just days after their daughter Lilly-Ella was born. Alex recalls: “When we got back from hospital, Steven told me he had a surprise - he had tucked an engagement ring in the folds of the baby’s blanket and I found the box. I opened it to see this amazing diamond engagement ring

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This time it's different.

This time, it's different. No losing to smaller teams, better performances, lesser draws and more goals. Can you feel it? Nothing is impossible.

Flanagan's Words!

Class words from Flanagan!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

12 reasons why it's great to be a liverpool fan!

We win, we lose, we still love this team with all our hearts. It's been quite a few difficult years to be a fan, but we're still here, we're still in this together. Glory isn't everything, here are a few reasons why it's great to be a Liverpool fan!

1) This is one history lesson that you'll never find boring.

Whether it's those legendary stories from Shankly's time, Robbie Fowler's fastest hattrick, the treble won in 2001 or the legendary win in Istanbul back in 2005, you'v got to admit that reliving this history lesson is more fun than any history class you may have attended. This is a 'class' of a different level!

2) Stevie's kisses

There are many pictures floating around of Manchester United players kissing the Premier League trophy, but honestly it isn't half as awesome as Stevie G's kisses because his kisses are not intended for glory but for us, the true #LFC fans who can't be there, watching the game live.

3) Loyalty

One of the few clubs to have so many loyal players. Through thick and thin, they have stuck by us and we are so grateful to have these guys! Nothing beats the feeling of watching a loyal player give his all for his team, a team we all love.

4) Those dance moves

 Remember the Robo-Crouch? Don't we just have some of the coolest dance moves? Even Carra got in on the action!

5) That one game you'll never get sick of watching

25-05-05, The day we won it 5 times. From trailing 3-0 to winning the Champions League, no matter how many times you watch this game ,it will never get boring! Do you still get excited as if it were happening live? I do!

6) That love never fails to get you smiling

Nothing like a good bromance to make your day and sometimes rivalry needs to take a break for all the right things. The love shared between the reds can put a smile on my face even on the worst of days!

7)  Those moments that always make you smile!

Not only do these players entertain you with their great football, but their little quirks will always find a way to put a smile on your face. Football might be bad for your heart, but these guys add a little spring to your step!

8) Those goosebumps. 'You'll never walk alone'

It happened in 2005, it happened when we beat United 4-1 and it happens during every game, but the anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone' never fails to bring shivers to my spine and give me goosebumps. In that moment, it doesn't matter where you are, you believe that you are right there, in that giant sea of red.

9) When someone matters, we show it.

Loyalty is rare, we hardly see it anymore, nor do we see it rewarded. At Liverpool, those who are special will always be treated that way. No player in Red will ever walk alone.  *Sheds a tear in memory of Carra's tribute*

10) Never to be written off.

One thing we all learned from the Champions League 2005 is that Liverpool FC is one team you should never write off. This is further highlighted in our current season, it's not over and we're back, bitches!

11) Those hilarious banners.

David Moyes is a football genius? Enough said.

12) Whether we're laughing or crying we're in this together.

You'll Never Walk Alone.

Friday, March 14, 2014

10 life lessons we should learn from Frozen.

Frozen has been one of the most talked about animated movies in a long time. Why? Because it was well created with a great story, but Frozen also was quite different from your traditional Disney stories. Frozen is a film for every girl. While you have your classic elements there are major life lessons to be learned in movie.

1) A true love's kiss.

How Disney has changed, and for the better. Remember that one dramatic kiss? The one that led to 'true love'? Every fairytale had it, but Frozen takes a different route. Rather than ending with a very romantic kiss between Anna and Kristoff, true love here was about Anna choosing to protect Elsa, even though she shut her out for years. We all need to learn that 'love' isn't just about finding a dashing man who ends up being your Prince Charming. Disney, who probably started this stereotype of 'true love' have taken a different and ironically, more realistic route and I commend them for that.

2) That one prince

It is a stereotypical belief that the perfect man is required for a story or movie to be complete. Whether he is the perfect villain, a true love or the friend-zoned sidekick, he has to lead the entire show. False. Frozen proves otherwise. Of course, men can be a great addition to a great plot, whether it is for comic relief or just a twist, but girls and women can carry an entire story by themselves and make it work. In this story, instead of Elsa waiting for a man to rescue her, realizes she can save herself and that is something we all need to learn in life.

3) Just like a good story, everyone needs a funny side kick in their lives.. and some people are just worth melting for.

More than depending on a boringly smooth prince, you will find yourself having a better time with a funny sidekick. Everyone needs a little laughter in their lives and if you meet that one person who makes you laugh keep them around. It doesn't have to be a man, it could be that special women, or even and animal... but remember to keep that smile on, always. You never know, love could stem from uncontrollable laughter too.

Olaf's optimism is something we must all take away from this movie. Sometimes, sacrifice and compromise is just worth it, regardless of the situation. Some people just need warmth and love and love, strong enough to melt your heart, and we all need to be an Olaf in someone elses life.

4) Parents play a big role in how you perceive yourself and the world.

Elsa's parent's may not have been physically abusive, but they clearly stunted her emotionally. It was them who instilled fear in her and made her conceal her true self. After they realized that Elsa had powers and what she was capable of, they tried to hide her in, secluding her from the rest of the kingdom as well as her sister. While this came from a good place, a need to protect their children..this isolation led to Elsa believing she was dangerous, and to her, love meant sacrificing herself to prevent those she cared about from being hurt. They make her wear gloves, inadvertly suppressing herself as well as her powers, leading to Elsa never truly knowing what her real capabilities were. This abuse continued long after her parents died, with Elsa continuing to shut herself out and still putting into practise what she knew from back when her parents were alive. She lived in constant fear of herself for a long time after. Elsa's isolation not only affected herself, but Anna as well. Separating two sisters who were really close to each other, as well as taking away a younger girls role model served as a punishment for Anna , for something that had absolutely nothing to do with her. Anna was so affected by the lack of attention that she decided to marry the first man she meets. How true is this to real life?

Remember, the person who immerses herself in romantic notions with the first, or every man she meets, is the one who craves a love she never had.

5) Fear will always be your enemy

Never let fear control who you are. Elsa's fear crippled her powers and stopped her from being herself, fear took her away from her sister and fear made her feel unloved and dangerous. It didn't stop there, Elsa living in constant fear affected those around her too, with her sister Anna growing up craving the love and attention every younger sister desires. She pushed away everyone around her, until she eventually was isolated and alone. Sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy.

6) A princess is always graceful.

It is a stereotypical belief that princesses should always be elegant and perfect at all times, and Frozen like very few other movies (hint: Brave) disproves this completely. Anna was outspoken, clumsy and always speaking her mind. She has flaws but she is strong. Elsa, on the other hand is stubborn, and complex. Both these princesses are relatable to every girl. Perfection isn't all that everyone assumes it is, and in the end, a princess can and should be herself.

7) Prince Charming isn't always the dashing man you hoped and most people are more than they appear to be.

While we've all known this brave, dashing man, who saves the princess and gives her a happily ever after, that is ALL we know of him. It is the reason Disney ends a lot of their stories at the kiss, because you don't want to know the rest of it. Perfection, in reality, doesn't exist. Frozen teaches that the dashing prince, might not be all that great. He might be a sleazy, lying person who isn't worth your time, but the one who seemed to be the source of trouble, maybe the best fit for you. No one is what they seem to be, Elsa, the princess, has magical powers, Prince Hans, the dashing prince, is a sleazy villain and so on. One major lesson that we need to take from the movie Frozen is that we shouldn't judge a book (well, a person) by it's cover. While Elsa and Anna are princesses, all is not perfect in their world however it may seem on the outside. Even the snowman, Olaf, doesn't love the cold, but prefers warmth, even though it means he could melt...

8)Your first love is hardly ever going to be your last.

Britney and Federline, Kid Rock and Pam Anderson, so many famous couples have rushed into marriages without knowing the other person and the outcome is no surprise. Failure. While some lucky people are fortunate enough to marry their first love, for a majority, it takes a long time. Take heed to Frozen and remember, that first gorgeous man you ever fell in love with might just not be a dashing prince after all.

9) Sisters before misters!

What truly saved Anna's life, was the decision to pick her sister over her first true kiss. The depth of love for her own blood was stronger and turned out to be the reason for her survival. Not everyone maybe in a life or death situation, but sometimes the love we can have for our sisters, or friends who are like sisters, can be bigger and better than a romantic kind of love. Even after Elsa leaves her room for the first time on her coronation, and meets Anna, they get along immediately as if nothing ever separated them. That is a bond stronger than all others. Girls, remember, romance isn't life, get over those stupid love stories you read and watch all day. Thanks, Frozen.

10) Don't hide, let it go.

“Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know,"
Keeping things within you can make your life so much more harder than it should be. You end up doubting yourself, or living in fear. Elsa grew up in fear of her own powers, instead of embracing herself and what she is. This led to her missing out on a lot of important things. Sometimes we all need to let it out to move on, if you take nothing else from the movie, take this and move on. Don't conceal, just live as you are, and be yourself and something magical could come out of it.

If you take one movie and incorporate it into your life, may it be Frozen in all it's honesty.