Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Glimpse Of A BreakDown.

People don't really know how hard moving on is. Not in regards to a relationship, but life. When you are committed to someone, its only a few years of commitment, and maybe just maybe you'll get on with life.

What about starting life all over again, beginning your life afresh. I've been someone who has lived a luxurious life, from eating at classy restaurants, to chilling in the jacuzzi at the gym , everything was always perfect. Quaint little apartment, with a fluffy cat and clean bathtubs, shopping in air conditioned malls, that has been my life. It's different when your asked to shut your mouth, pack your bags and leave the country. Not once have I complained. I agreed, I'll do so. I'll study at a college that I hadn't heard of, given up my dream University. I agreed to leave those live football matches and all my friends behind to make people happy, I knew i'd be successful wherever I went because i'd put in my best.
I didn't complain.

I didn't complain about living in a country where I don't speak the language, or eating food that kept making me sick. I didn't complain about the weather I'm not used to.
I didnt even complain when the cat I've lived with my whole life died because of the new environment. I understood when I was told things need to change, I understood when I had to learn to move to a state where I knew no one, and adjust to a different level of studies. I understood when I was told I had to live in a hostel, where hot water doesn't exist and food tastes like mud. From cheesecakes and risottos', to curry and rice... and some sickly sweets for dessert.

Football is my life, I used to sit in anticipation hours before a match started, but I understood when I was asked to live in college accomadation where there is no television, no football and no internet.

Most of all, I understood when I was told I could never go back.

But who really understands me when I say I miss it all? No One.

It's true, when you pretend your strong, people just assume you are and give you even more to handle. I might just break down, I really might.

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  1. i may not know how u feel cause i'v been in the same situation all my life...


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