Monday, July 18, 2011

Prostitution ...The Only World She Knows

They say prostitution is a matter of choice, they say it’s not hard to say no, but tell that to the woman who was forced into it by her parents, tell that to the child who was abandoned and needed food to eat, tell that to the young girl that nobody loved and they’d ask you where did the matter of choice really come in? People should turn away from the blind notion that there are two types of prostitution, voluntary and involuntary.
Despite chauvinistic belief spurred by male ignorance, women do not want to be treated like objects, they do not wanted to be sold, used, controlled or degraded. What human being doesn’t want love, respect and dignity? Is it really possible to divorce oneself from their body and to feel nothing at all? The choice here is between running into a brick wall or equally hard place...
Yes, woman have a right to do what they want with their bodies, we live in a generation where male domination is almost diminished, so why would a woman want the privilege of being in control of their physical self, just to throw it away in the name of money?
There are woman within societies who convince themselves that prostitution is a matter of choice. They believe that they have made the decision to sell their bodies, maybe so they feel themselves to be in control of some aspect of their lives. It is their decision how to go about their lives, and we are no one to call them criminals. Legalizing prostitution might be something men might be overjoyed about, but for women, it is about being treated with respect, being given the benefits of a working class girl and not cast in the same category as a felon.
A lot of women are driven into prostitution by poverty; a lot of parents are to be blamed for poor parenting. If it were possible for a girl or woman to live a comfortable, secure life, be loved and independent, would she really turn to prostitution? Instead of chasing after women linked to the profession, the people in charge need to go after men who prowl the streets, looking for women to abuse and rape, they need to corner parents who lead their children into such situations, be it through child abuse or neglect. Pimps who force woman into prostitution by beating them and threatening them should be sentenced for life, instead of the innocent women led on by such men.
Prostitution is too ugly a world for a beautiful woman to want to be in, it is a daily series of force, beating, threats and abuse. No 14 year old girl decides to be a prostitute of her own will, they see no other option. She won’t walk on the roads and lay down a price for herself, she is coerced by others. She is promised security, stability, attention and maybe even love. She is a victim not a criminal.

Stop convincing yourself that prostitution is a choice. Prostitution for some is inevitable, Ignorance is a CHOICE.

There's No Choice Involved.

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  1. It is a difficult one.

    Different societies are subject to a different approach to prostitution, the general consensus is to look down upon but it is one of the dark subjects that is never really brought to light.

    Yes, it is a choice but sometimes as you've highlighted it is the complete opposite.

    However like anything, there's more than one side - for I don't agree with any forced prostitution; from abuse to having no other means to putting food on the table. Like anything though there is a fine line between becoming a prostitute through choice and being forced - men are like saps and they will prey on the weak, it's only natural. The lowest places in society bring with it the lowest kind of people.

    It is sad though, some women will know no different.

  2. Definitly true... 'n' SUPERB !!

  3. Sometimes prostitution CAN be a choice. how can you legalize prostitution and penalize using a prostitute, that is about as bass ackwards as the laws now that say a woman can use her body anyway she sees fit, except to make money. Legalizing prostitution takes the criminal element out of it, ensures the safety and most importantly the CONSENT of the individual. Whether or not you choose to believe it, there are people who choose that life, and it it their bodies. To say people are forced into it because of money.... well hell, a lot of people HATE working for a living... that doesn't make having a job wrong.

  4. True, if a woman chooses to use her body to earn some money, its up to her... its not wrong.. unless they have been forced

  5. Couldn't agree with you more! A lot of people give me the "it's their choice" crap. These are people who clearly either refuse or choose to not see the broader context in which prostitution which these women are pushed towards it. Thank you for pointing out that prostitution is not the flexible profession that women can go back and forth with as people usually believe so.

  6. I read this and find it interesting. I stand by the opinion the a women body is hers'. She alone has the choice to choose what she does with it.

  7. Most women/children have been forced. Once they are in, the chances of getting out are slim. Legalized the sexual torture of others doesn't seem right to me.

  8. @Daniela, Thank you for reading this. A lot of people do think its a choice, but its no one chooses prostitution over a life where one can be respected, right?

    @Lucia, Not all woman have a choice , sadly.

    @S.S Medly, I agree with you..theres nothing write about it.

  9. Okay, I had to stop reading this post because I knew exactly where you were saying. Now, I don't know if you're strong in your politics or knowledge of law but prostitution will never be legalized in the United States of America. The reason why it's huge in the black market is merely because of the moral decline of our country. To put it simply, roughly before the 50s or possibly solely in the 19th Century this type of thing was taboo and a social stigma. If a person dressed like a prostitute they were shunned because it was unacceptable thing to do as a woman. In those days, women had respect when they dressed appropriately and presented themselves with respect. Most prostitutes in the USA are doing out of mere choice but don't get me wrong we have our "sex trade" which is really thanks to lack of stricter immigration laws. People tend to bring their old customs or habits into this country thinking they can get rich off of it easier. I hate this mentality. Yeah, the US is the land of opportunity but you still have to abide by our laws, we don't like your slave crap.

  10. @Anonymous : Things might be different in US, but in the Middle East, Africa and India (Three places I have lived at), its not a matter of choice. Women are forced to make a living through prostitution. Sometimes by parents, or even employee's. A health center near my place took women in as employees and made them sell their bodies instead. It happens all over these places... All the women I have interviewed have told me its never a choice. They would love a better life, but what else can they do. Wherever they go there are seen as nothing more than a prostitute...


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