Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Strength Of A Woman

When she is young, she will be daddy’s little girl and love him with all her heart. She will obey and respect and tell him how much she loves him. Through teen years, she will have crushes, first loves, heart breaks, tears, fears and worries. She will fight, but care; she will be filled with envy but not greed.

As she matures, she will fall in love and learn to be committed. She will dedicate her life to him, and when he fails to do so in return she will cry, hold her head up and continue to build her perfect relationship. She will forgive his every mistake, but do her best to make none of her own. She will care for him more than she cares for her own life. She will take care of him better than herself, while also tending to her parents and education. She will do as asked by her family, her teachers and her love. But she will still be a girl, she will cry on bad hair days and laugh at silly jokes. She will always be a good friend but always be cautious of who to trust.

And one day, she will leave her parents with tears in her eyes for the arms of the man she loves. She will build a house with a strong foundation, earn money and respect. She will own her pets and treat them like her children while making her husband feel like he is the only man in her life. Soon, she will start planning to start a family. She will take care of the house, work, cook and dream of a future with children.

As her wishes come true she will go through the pains of child birth like it is the easiest thing in the world and look at the wonder in her arms as if it was more than worth it. She will stay up all night listening to the cries of her baby break her heart, whilst making sure it doesn’t keep up her man. She will hardly sleep at night because of the tiny child holding on to her and she will hardly sleep during the day because she has a house and a husband to nurture.

She will shed tears on the first day of school and walk into office, healthy and ready to go. She will handle insults with calm and think only of her child. When she reaches home, she’ll hold her child tight as if she were to never let him go. She will face the crisis of who’s more important, but place her husband and her child equally. She will teach them to love unconditionally.

As her son grows older, he will learn respect, love, understanding and love from his mother. He will be the perfect man. Watching his mother make sacrifices for him, he will learn to make sacrifices for those he cares, and he’ll know that one day he will have to leave her. She will watch her husband one day leave her, his body cold and eyes shut... she will muffle her screams and hold in her tears. She will need to be strong for her son. She will tell him it’s alright, that daddy’s watching in heaven. And all this she’ll tell him knowing that one day she will be alone too.
Through her sons college years she will stay strong, bearing tantrums and fights. As her son matures she worries about being alone. She knows one day he will leave and as that day comes she will watch him go silently. After years of nurturing and care, looking around her empty home so alone and quiet. She will bear through it all and call him once in a while, with silent tears down her face, longing for her child
And on she’ll go on till death will call, she’ll stay strong and hold her head up high. .. because no matter what life throws her way she will always be strong.
Yes, she’ll always be strong.

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