Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Galaxy Fix.

I've been asked time and time again about my unhealthy obsession with galaxies and the universe. Usually, I don't have a response. From a much younger age, the concept of shooting stars and galaxies fascinated me. Aliens were a terrifying thought, but it also kindled my curiousity. This fascination did not result in me wanting to become an astronaut, or study Astronomy. I wanted to keep my distance yet I was slowly falling in love.
I realize now, that more than it being something to do with the vast universe, it was about colors, texture and the unknown. I was drawn by the lights, the shades of planets and the various colors of the universe. If there is a chance that extraterrestrials exists, then could you imagine the diversity of colors , imagery and textures that we could find someday? No, because it is way beyond our imagination. Aliens were something that captivated my mind because of the endless possibilities of what they looked like. Did they have big heads, were they beautiful , did they have three eyes? Years of sketches at the back of my notebooks may have just been my interpretation of aliens, but what I truly love is that I still have no idea of the reality.
Of recently, I've reached a level of obsession where I spend hours dabbing and throwing paint at a canvas, trying to create my own universe. White for the stars, black base of the galaxy merged with pinks, purples, greens and blues. Creating colors outside this dimension. Using a palette of texture to create a unique feel. In my head there are endless tones to play with, every inch of our universe might look different, every hour might give way to a different view. Add unpredictable comets and meteors to the picture and we have a new perspective, or a new vision. I could go on and on about how fantastic the it all look.
My mother always said, her head is in the clouds... but she was aiming too low. My mind, was and still is always going to be in the universe, but for now, i'd prefer if my feet remained firmly on earth.


  1. Wow. When I took at quick glance at the title I thought it'd be purely scientifical. But the thought process is just amazing and so is the art. Just beautiful.

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