Monday, March 12, 2012

Life and Its Mistakes

Each day, I spend one more day of my life, wondering whats the best thing I've ever done and whats my biggest mistake.
My biggest fear, is that I might still be in the process of making that mistake, and the end result is going to kill myself, only I am not smart enough to stop.
Career, Life, Everything in between, what is the better choice and what isn't?
Did I make the right decision in eating that slice of pizza or will it kill me with food poisoning?
Was the trip across the country a smart choice, or will I meet with an accident and be paralyzed?
Could I have gone to a better college, where I would be studying Medicine or Law, or is this the best I could ever be?

There's a thin line between the right decision and the wrong, where is my life headed?
Where is yours?

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  1. You're finally back!

    One should not look at the choices they could of made but the ones they can.

    I think I read that in a Zen book this one time. I have made some stupid decisions in the past but in recent times I've made the most important ones count. I think as you get older decisions and life in general gets serious on your ass! Good luck! A thought provoking post for sure, can bring on many questions!


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