Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ripped Out, Ripped Apart.

Ponder. What life seamlessly has become, from what it was to what it is.

A beautiful flower, blooming, pull it out because it's a joyful sight. Rip it from its roots, look what I found ma, a rose. Come on, ma, lets put it in a vase.
Put the rose in a vase, where it will look wonderful, show the world.
But wait, whats happening? The ends are wilting, ma. Look Pa, the petals are falling off. The water is clean, the vase is beautiful, but the rose no longer holds its head up high.
The twisted truth, the irony of life. That rose is slowly wilting.
The petals are falling off.

Breath faster.
Speak louder.
You're alive.
You are alive.
Convince yourself that are alive.
While your pulse slows down,
and your body grows colder.

You're alive.
Look Pa, the petals are falling off.
Look at me now.

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