Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Top 10 Cartoons List

Childhood memories are defined by simple things like the smell of wet grass or a simple soundtrack. What usually reminds me of those older days are cartoons. Do you remember waking up early morning on a weekend, turning on the television and watching completely meaningless cartoons?
 Back then cartoons were very different from today, they were much simpler and involved much less gadgets,monsters or any of that, so here's a list of my favourite Cartoons from back in the day.

10) Two Stupid Dogs

I never really understood why I loved this show so much, Little Dog and Big Dog would do the most meaningless things, like chase ice cream around in outer space and trying to fool a cat using a hand puppet! It's where I learned the phrase "Tastes Like Caca!" And yes I used it quite a lot :( Needless to say, my parents didn't find this show very educational! But who cares?

9) Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Definitely one of the most environmental friendly cartoons created! This show was my first lesson in Saving The Earth! It all started when Gaia the spirit of the Earth called upon five teens (yeah TEENS) to protect the planet! Each teen with one element based power and when their powers combined it summoned the Earths Champion, Captain Planet! I'd sing along with the song and pretend I was one of the Planeteers running around and saving insects and trying to grow seeds! Plus, I always had a tiny crush on the youngest South American kid.

8) The Addams Family

This show, in my opinion, had one of the best theme songs ever and I just LOVED Lurch. They were the oddest family ever, but then again almost everyone has issues with their family and the Addams Family in some way were so normal yet so weird. They lived peculiar lifestyles , yet the husband and wife loved each other, the kids fought like siblings and they were protective of their family members ! Things were unexpected, funny and unique... the Addams Family used to be on telly in the evenings when I was younger. It certainly kept me entertained and got me into a lot of trouble for forgetting to do my homework!

7) The Jetsons

A glimpse into the future! I loved it, and everything about it, like the quirky not-yet-invented gadgets and innovative ideas. I'll bet the creators of Flat Screen Tv's were inspired by the Jetsons! The family was considerably normal but the world they were living in was not. It was what everyone expected of the future. A over developed world, flying cars and robot servants! Thanks to the show I'd grumble about my bicycle not having wings and my food not being served by a super cool Robot named Rosy!

6) Tom & Jerry

If theres one pair of cartoon characters that is almost impossible to outgrow, its this cat and mouse duo. The concept is simple; Cat see's mouse, cat chases mouse, mouse tries to outwit cat!
What truly makes this show priceless is the expressions on each characters face at random moments! Spike, Tom and Jerry were always entertaining and never got old! I can see kids in the next 50 years still turning on the television to watch the cat and mouse that I grew to love so much!

5) Dexter's Laboratory

Definitely the more nerdier of cartoon's, Dexter the child genius was one of the best shows on tv. In between hiding his "secret lab", his interfering sister Deedee and school troubles was a lot of laughs, great writing and fun moments! Dexter has had a lot of positive and negative influence on me since childhood. It got me interested in "Science", taught me how to annoy people (Thanks Deedee!) and how to do the mad scientist laugh (Yes I loved Mandark!)

4) Top Cat

Recently, while revisiting all my old favourite cartoons on YouTube, I came across Top Cat and ended up watching all the episodes again. When I was younger this show used to be on late at night, way after 12 and I used to be up just so that I wouldn't miss it! Top Cat and the Gang were a bunch of cats living in an alley getting into all sorts of trouble trying to make some cash! Choo-choo, one of Top Cat's gang members still leaves me in doubt. A male with a feminine voice and pink colour fur would make you wonder... wouldn't it?

3) The Flintstones

Flintstones is similar to the Jetsons yet exactly the opposite. It teaches you a lesson in history. Each character from Fred Flintstone to Pebbles and Bam-bam was unique and special. As a child, the Flintstones always seemed intended for slightly older audiences and watching it made me feel very grown up! I can still watch Flintstones for hours without getting bored and that is the beauty of it!

2) Wacky Races

I was 6 and I was in love. Wacky Races was my life! I'd wake up everyday at 6:00 am , turn on the tv and wait for Wacky Races to begin. No matter how sleepy I was, I'd fight the demon of sleep, struggle to open my eyes only for this show. Now, I still couldn't point out exactly what was so great about it . As the name tells you its about a race to win the title of the Worlds Wackiest Racer! My favourite characters were Muttley and Dick Dastardly from "Catch That Pigeon". Till date this show still gets me as excited as it did when I was a kid

& Finally my FAVOURITE cartoon ever!

1) Scooby Doo!

Any doubts? Scooby doo was definitely the best show on television during my younger days! It had everything, a funny dog, a nerdy girl, a spoilt brat and a handsome man! Then of course there was Shaggy, the shows funny bone! It had its creepy moments and times where you couldn't stop laughing, it taught you that everything looks scary until you face your fears and realise you were scared of nothing. Most of all it kept you entertained and hooked for hours!
Scooby Doo was what made my childhood days even more special and I can still watch the show and feel like an 8 year old all over again!


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