Friday, July 5, 2013

The Magical World OF Harry Potter

I grew up lost, a lost child in a large world. How to make a name or myself, how to create an identity, was not on my mind and might not have been until it was too late.

When I found Harry Potter I was transferred to a mystical, magical world. Everything was better than real life, it paved way for my dreams. I began looking at small things differently, from a 'muggle' point of view.
I learned to anticipate, I learned to read between the lines and I learned the meaning of foreshadowing.
'What If' became part of my daily thoughts. I began envisioning different scenario's, different situations and coming up with my own stories.
As the books continued to be a major part of my life, my focus shifted to the details. Grammar, vocabulary and the play on words used by J.K Rowling started to fascinate me. I tried to write like her and learning her style and language. I wanted to use bigger words, in more clever ways.  I wanted to broaden my imagination and find myself in a world that was a far throw away from reality.

I grew older, and the books grew with me. I was barely 10 when I was drawn into the magical world, and then within no time I was 16, on the brink of growing up and making my decisions. I was the girl being thrown into adulthood. Choices, decisions, directions, all began to torment me. Responsibility became my burden.

So far the only valuable things I had learned in life came from a series of 7 books and I wasn't leaving that behind.

At 16, I had written my own novel of about 900 pages, had my own blog and wrote articles for many websites. Writing became a major part of my life. What I didn't realize till years later, was that I was actually good. With each Harry Potter book, I got better till my writing became something worth reading.

Incorporated in everything and every part of my life was the magical world of Harry Potter. There was always something mysterious, something unknown to reveal. I learned that even life had parts where you had to read between lines, where foreshadowing was prevalent, and most of all, I learned that you can't always get an answer to every question.

Over the years I met many people, I lost many friends,  left a lot behind, but these books thought me that it was okay to miss someone, and that everyone deals with loss in life.

At the end of it all, it may have just been a book to some, but it's real for me.
It's real because it is me, it is my identity, it has made me what I am today...

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