Thursday, March 11, 2010


The most meaningful words ever written can be found in song lyrics. Every song holds an emotion, a feeling... a thought. It's a way to speak out how you feel, What your thinking, what you want to say but just can't.

Each song is a feeling put in words and music. From l ove, to hate to a broken heart, there's always something that holds the melody together.
A cheesy soundtrack or a depressing rock medley, it's always there to help you find your way around... what is life without music?

Our sense of smell is a wonderful gift, fragrance can hold a lot of beauty. The smell of rain, the ocean or freshly baked cookies can send you off into another world. Remembering what the person you love smelt like when your lonely can comfort you a lot and make you realise that no matter what, you're never alone.
Inexperienced at dwelling on such emotions, yet it's irresistible because it's there, it's in the moment and it makes you feel great. Can you describe love?
There are many words that explains it, but even that isn't enough.

You can call it comfort, happiness, security but all that alone isn't love. It's the small things amongst the large; from the butterflies in your stomach, to that infinite trust. It could be the tiny moments like the memory of the first dance, to the feeling at the thought of the first kiss... It's knowing that after years of being together , it's not going to fade away because more than anything, what you've found in this person is a best friend.

People come and go, everyone has their share of failed relationships and everyone believes they're in love but within them they'll know, even much before a break up, that somethings not right... thing's aren't going the way it should. Maybe it's when you realise you can't really talk to that person, or when it feels like no thing's right... and it's time to move on.
When your with the right person, I assume it's different... you know thing's are always right and even when you fight you know, somehow you'll get over it because what you have is bigger than any argument could ever be.

Special is an over-used word. Everyone in your life cannot be special , usually it's reserved to one person who means more to you than anyone else. Someone who makes you smile when you're angry, or laugh when your upset. Someone who you spend nights worrying about even if what's wrong with them is just a common flu. Special is the person, who when you think of you know you can't live in a world where that person doesn't exist.
Special is what's more important to you than your life. It's that person who breaks the fear you have, the fear of loving, or trusting and of being vulnerable because you know that you will be loved for who you are and you will be taken care of in all the right ways no matter what!

&& When you find that special someone... will you know? You will because suddenly everything will feel right and you'll know that you were meant to be there, exactly where you were at the exact same time, to meet that exact same person...because it was fate, destiny... something that's not in your hands because it wasn't planned, it's just how the World works it's magic on you !

Ciao x

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