Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The football Story - Liverpool FC And The Rest

At 8 years old I remember asking what would probably be one of the most difficult questions to ever answer when speaking to a girl.
What is an offside?

What is an offside, really? I'd tell you, but if you don't already know I'm betting I'll lose you 30 seconds into the description. I don't remember not being the football hooligan that I am. I've always had something to say when it came to defending my team, no matter what age I was or what age the person I was fighting with was.
I'll admit that my first love was Arsenal but it didn't stick... being a Red was in my blood. I come from a family of Liverpool supporters and it was bound to rub off. In all honesty no one had an influence on the club I picked to support, it was of my own will that I turned to this mad crazy rollercoaster of a team!

Liverpool had such a flair about them and so much history to go with it, How could I not love them!
I've always disliked Manchester United and hell, at first I didn't even know why. My dislike for the team changed to outright hatred when Ronaldo joined them. I had never seen a whinier, more annoying, pathetic excuse of a player ever! He was horrible, he oozed smugness and I wanted nothing more than to just knock his head off and stick it in the mud.
I could go on and on about my "love" for Cristiano Ronaldo, but I'll spare everyone, If you still want to hear about what I think of him then go ahead and read this
Why The World Hates Cristiano Ronaldo

Liverpool have been my addiction, from watching their wins from decades ago to sitting in front of the telly an hour in advance anticipating the prematch analysis and waiting for the game to start! There hasn't been anything more important to me than football and Liverpool FC.

What I truly hate are google football fans. You know, girls who are desperate to know their football to impress men! They google their information and strut around pretending to be knowledgeable about the subject then start defying the true fans with their version of what happened which is obviously stolen from a comment somewhere on the Internet !Some of us stay up till all hours of the night waiting to watch matches while they sleep in their pretty beds, and google what we stayed up to know!
What's worse is that such girls make the rare ones who actually know their stuff look like them. Like we're just doing it for attention from the opposite sex.
Well no thank you, but they have nothing to do with why we watch football! In case the lazy ones didn't actually know, football is a lot of fun and for those who think girls can't comprehend the subject of football...think again! We might actually know more than YOU!

OK, no more rant. So Liverpool. How awesome are they...?

Right, I should stop typing now, but I'll be back!

Until then it's buhbye!



  1. Well Michu , my only comment is about the trend of people , or as you put it Google "----" , the annoying thing is when those people question your Veteran knowledge with their freshly acquainted "Bullet Points" . They just think they know it all !!!
    Same thing In photography with me, I have been shooting for 8 years, I hate it when someone taking his first steps holding a camera thinks of me as I know nothing and he knows everything because he read on google or what ever review site !.

    And about Liverpool....... THEY ROCK GIRL ;)

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    Greetings from Italy,



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