Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let me tell you a story.

A story full of emotion, full of passion, full of devotion.

It is a love story larger than life, larger than any love story you have ever heard of and will ever hear.

Let me tell you the story, like no other.

It is not your average boy meets girl, if you were looking for that please turn away now. This is for those who fall in love, not with a person but a notion.

Once upon a time, there a few men, passionate about their sport... they played for the love of it, they played for life itself. These men grew from something. They found a home, they found someone to love them... and then they became a part of something bigger.

These 11 men became 22, 44... 66.. Generations of men, who started off the same way, became something, found shelter in the same house, the same academy.

Generations of men who were successful, who then became famous. And we fell in love.

Today, I’ll tell you the love story of a Liverpool supporter.

It all starts with one game.

One game that makes you fall in love. One player, one ball hitting the back of the net and you are captivated.
Success draws you in, you begin to grow passion. You laugh with them, you cry with them. You are infatuated.

And then things go wrong.

The success disappears, that one moment of glory never comes... the tears are real, the pain is real. People desert you... people mock you. You cry out in despair but that feeling of devotion goes no where...

This is a story where infatuation turns to love... not in one glorious moment but all the little moments of pain where you didn’t care. You promise you would stick by them forever.

This is true love.

You felt the frustration, you felt the anguish... but you never turn your back on them. Tell me people, isn;t this true love? You’ll Never Walk Alone...

Through thick and thin, in sickness and health.

See that storm ahead? We’ll walk with you through it...

 It doesn’t matter how many year’s things didn’t go right. We’ll walk with you.

And you’ll NEVER walk alone, remember that.

This is  love that speaks volumes in its silence... 

This is a story of a club called Liverpool.

This is a story of the fans.

This is my love story.

And I know, we’ll never walk alone.

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