Friday, July 9, 2010

Questions, so many questions...

Why is it that things stop going your way just as soon as it starts? Life is not fair most of the times, but it hurts most when you think everything is perfect and in a split second its not anymore..

Things hurt, hearts break, thoughts drive you insane when you are thinking what if… what if?

Like love, what if he was the one for me? What if he’s not? What if there’s no one out there for me, maybe I’m meant to be alone?

Is he cheating on me? Did he lie to me…? So many questions life can bring… So many questions, answers to which you don’t really want to know because even though the truth could comfort you, there is a possibility it could just break you down.

What about life? The term life itself brings on so many questions. Like does a high power exist? What is the purpose of living? Why is life so cruel? How come at times things are so beautiful ? If there was a higher power how come the world isn’t perfect…

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