Friday, July 9, 2010

Mariane Pearl ~ How ?

As the sun sets on the world and a new day begins , things move on. The earth turns, people change, things are different. What do you do when to others the news is old , but still fresh in your heart? What if it’s put your life on hold and you can think of a future anymore. What if like Mariane Pearl, you lose someone who has meant the world to you?

When the constant reminder of your husband in your son doesn’t only make you long for the past of a better future, but reminds you of him dying a death unworth of your worst enemy can you really move on?

If you at a young age lose your husband to a death far from natural causes but rooted by terrorism, if from being the reporter you get thrown into the spotlight as the subject, if suddenly your blinded by a future of uncertainty, where do you go?

Does the pain, does the grief ever go away?

What if the criminals are convicted, maybe there will be closure. Daniel Pearls murderer , even though convicted, 8 years later is still alive. Where is the justice in this ?

Danny didn’t see his son, because he was beheaded before his son’s birth. Doesn’t his son deserve to know that the person responsible was punished?

What gives a person the strength to be courageous through the most difficult moments of her life? What gave Mariane the power to move ahead, to demand justice, to bring up her son into a world where everything was wrong?

What gave her the will to live? Through all the interviews that made her a walking spectacle, how did she not once break down and cry in public?

Even thinking about losing the person I love hurts me so bad, how is it to go through the worst, to look at pictures just before his death and still be strong?

How must it have felt to hear of his kidnapping, not know whether she would see the person she loved more than her life alive again? How must it have been to think that somewhere Danny was alive and if only she had found him in time she would still have him today…

How did Mariane get the strength to live through all this and still hold her head up high?

If only I knew… maybe I’d learn to be as brave as her too.

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